Michael Eisner To Matt Lauer On 'Today': People Who Work Alone 'Tend To Get In Trouble' (VIDEO)

"I had a great partner at Disney," the company's former-CEO Michael Eisner said this morning on the "Today" show in conversation with Matt Lauer. Eisner discussed other successful business partnerships featured in his new book "Working Together: Why Great Partnerships Succeed," which the author blogged about last month in The Huffington Post.

"Really successful people tend to have a strong sense of self," Lauer said. "Some might say a healthy ego. So is it a great ability for someone with that kind of ego to be able to look and realize, 'I need a partner'?"

"I think that people who do it only alone ... tend to get in trouble," Eisner said. "Being in the foxhole with somebody ... when things go bad, you've got somebody to talk to. When things go well, you've got somebody to high-five."

In his book, Eisner highlights partnerships from a wide range of fields, including business (Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger), philanthropy (Bill and Melinda Gates), entertainment (Brian Grazer and Ron Howard) and even cooking (Susan Feniger and Mary Sue Milliken).

What is the key to the success of a great partnership? WATCH: