Michael Emerson Sings 'Happy' On The 'Arsenio Hall Show'

What does "Lost" and "Person of Interest" star Michael Emerson think of his image after playing two of TV's most intense characters?

"It troubles me because I'm not that sinister intense person," Emerson told Arsenio Hall, with mock outrage. "I'm really a positive, optimistic and fun-loving guy."

And to prove just how positive, optimistic and fun-loving he really is, Emerson did his own version of the hit song "Happy," bringing some Ben Linus creepiness to what was once the happiest tune on the radio.

Watch the video above, and you might never hear the happiness in "Happy" again.



  • 10 Boone Dies
    Boone's death was a swift and painful lesson to viewers that nobody is safe on the island. In one swift fall, the creators of "Lost" proved that no character would be too sacred to kill off, should his death benefit the story line. Teenage girls everywhere wept for the loss of the (arguably) hunkiest crash survivor.
  • 9 Jack's Father Appears On The Island
    When the supposedly-dead Christian Shepard appeared on the island and led Jack to fresh water, we asked the following questions: "Is Christian alive?" "Can anyone return from the dead on the island?" "Is Jack losing his mind?" "How many other dead parents are running around the jungle?" "WHAT IS THIS PLACE?"
  • 8 The Discovery Of Desmond
    Season 1 ended with a bang and a ray of light shining up out of the hatch, making it seem like the mysterious bunker was full of Others who would come to kill the Oceanic 815 survivors. In fact, Season 2 began by introducing us to Desmond, a lovely, good-hearted Scot who had devoted his life to saving the world by pushing a button every 108 minutes. Makes sense.
  • 7 Ben Moves The Island
    Ben sort of seemed like a fanatic when he decided that, per Jacob's orders, he would turn a giant frozen wheel and "move" the island. Lo and behold, it worked. With nothing but a crowbar and his own strength, Ben managed to disappear the island with a flash of light and a sinister noise. And as if it couldn't get any more shocking, Ben was subsequently transported off of the island, only to wake up in the Sahara.
  • 6 Locke Meets Jacob
    As the dark, mysterious, unseen ruler of the island, Jacob was the man, the myth and the legend. When he violently (sort of) revealed himself to Locke in the cabin in the woods, he proved himself to be evil, but also held prisoner. So who/what actually controls things on the island then?
  • 5 Ben Kills Locke
    As Locke strung up his noose, believing he had failed his mission, it was a relief to see Ben rush in to save the day. Locke's former foe was able to convince him that he had far too much work left to kill himself. The island needed him! They were on the same side! Moments later, however, the tables turned and Ben quickly and brutally strangled Locke and staged the death as the intended suicide.

    Watch the saga starting at 2:36
  • 4 Juliet Dies A Hero's Death
    Just when things were looking up for Sawyer and Juliet -- they were both so good and so in love! -- everything went wrong. Pulled to the bottom of the hatch shaft, Juliet survived a perilous fall, only to sacrifice herself and detonate a bomb in order to reset island's timeline. And as if that all wasn't dramatic enough, her heroic actions sent the crew back in time, where she died in Sawyer's arms.
  • 3 A Polar Bear Appears
    "Now what's a polar bear doing on a tropical island?" thought every single viewer as Sawyer shot and killed the raging beast in the show's second episode. Eventually, we learned how and why polar bears were present on the island, but that didn't make the whole scene any less unexpected.
  • 2 Mr. Eko Meets The Smoke Monster
    The mechanical black smoke monster was a terrifying force that killed all in its path and was wisely feared by essentially everyone on the island. Mr. Eko's ability to coldly stare it down and live to tell the tale was nothing short of shocking.
  • 1 Not Penny's Boat
    No moment throughout the show's six seasons was more emotional and shocking than when Charlie sacrificed himself to save Desmond's life. He even used his last living moments to warn Desmond that he had been tricked by his unfaltering love.

    In this moment, we wept for Charlie and Claire, who would never have their life together; Desmond and Penny, who should have finally been reunited; and for all of the survivors, who never actually had a chance of being rescued by Widmore's team.