Michael Emerson's Woody Allen Movie Role: 'Lost' Star Joins Allen's Next Project

If the Damon Lindelof-written "Prometheus" doesn't fill the empty spot in your heart where "Lost" used to live, here's some good news: according to Deadline.com, Michael Emerson has been cast in Woody Allen's next film.

Pause here to send your all-caps tweets, plus any OMG huzzahs to the heavens.

Emerson rose to fame on "Lost" as the nefarious Benjamin Linus -- a role that earned him four Emmy nominations during the series' six-season run. (Emerson didn't appear on "Lost" until season two.) He joins a typically awesome Woody Allen cast that already includes Alec Baldwin, Cate Blanchett, Bradley Cooper and Bobby Cannavale.

While the cast is coming together nicely, the location of Allen's next movie has become increasingly hard to pin down. When it was first announced, Deadline.com reported that it would take place in Copenhagen. That was switched to San Francisco when Baldwin's casting deal was revealed. Now, it's apparently going to shoot in New York, which would mark the first time Allen returned to his home city since "Whatever Works."

This isn't the first time Emerson worked with Allen; the actor appeared in Allen's 2001 short film "Sounds From A Town I Love," which debuted at the "Concert For New York City" in the aftermath of 9/11. Watch that short film below.

Allen's newest film, "To Rome With Love," is in theaters this month.

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