Michael Fassbender's Penis Is Hollywood's New Obsession

With a Golden Globe nomination, a flurry of press coverage and even a mention from George Clooney during his Globe acceptance speech, it's clear: Michael Fassbender's penis is the new toast of Hollywood.

Fassbender played an emotionally distant sex addict and went full frontal nude for Steve McQueen's drama "Shame," which earned the film an NC-17 rating and, ironically, far more press than it would have gotten otherwise. The German-Irish star's performance earned him a Best Actor nod at the Golden Globes, and should also scoop him up an Oscar nomination, but his immense talent has almost been overshadowed by incessant talk about his member.

Clooney thanked him for "taking over the frontal nude responsibly that I had," during his Globes acceptance speech, adding, "Really Michael, honestly, you can play golf like this with your hands behind your back."

Clooney again made mention of his anatomical club during an actors roundtable hosted by Newsweek, calling him the "expert" in issues of on-screen erection and drawing Fassbender into talking about a difficult urination scene in "Shame."

"I did actually pee on cue. I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to do that," Fassbender said, drawing Clooney to ask him how many takes it took for him to get it right. (Three).

Fassbender cracked a joke about his prominent personal co-star during an appearance on "The Late Show" last week, calling himself "flaccid most of the time" and then going on to talk about the embarrassment of shooting nude.

There is also the recurring MTV segment in which Fassbender is asked to identify celebrity penises.

He's smiled throughout the public commotion, but as he told The Huffington Post while promoting "Shame," he doesn't actually think of the nudity as a big deal, and certainly not something that should have earned the film an NC-17 rating.

"Half of us have a penis and the other half have probably seen one, and so why should it be more normal to, like, chop people's heads off and shoot people?" he said. "Does that mean that that's more acceptable or closer to us as human beings?"

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