Michael Franti's Anniversary Note To His Wife Is So Sweet And Relatable

One of his favorite parts of being married? Spiralizing zoodles with his wife Sara.

After two years of marriage, musician and activist Michael Franti knows life is better with wife Sara Agah by his side.

On September 12, Franti and Agah an emergency room nurse and co-founder of the non-profit Do It For The Love celebrated their second wedding anniversary. The Sound Of Sunshine singer penned an Instagram post for the occasion, in which he praised her passion, work ethic and ability to enjoy life.

I love the smile that glows from you even as you work long hours on the amazing maze of projects youve woven and look forward to waking up to it every morning, Franti wrote.

He continued: I admire your abilities to connect with people youve never met before, your tireless work ethic and your ability to laugh, dance and let go when its most needed. Thanks for always reminding me to put my heart into it all.

Franti also shared the three things he loves most about being married to his wife, which were so specific and yet somehow so relatable at the same time:

No. 1: Spiralizing Zudles (zucchini noodles) and being home cooking together.

No. 2: Our toothbrush vow: that on any given night when one of us is too exhausted to get out of bed before sleep, the other will bring a toothbrush, cup of water and empty cup so we can brush in bed and crash out. And the other partner can never, ever, ever refuse this request.

No. 3: Our family motto: Be your best. Serve the greater good. Rock out wherever you are.

Yep, relationship goals for SURE.

In fact, Life Is Better With You, one of Frantis most popular songs, was inspired by his relationship with Agah.

I told [Sara] that even my worst day with her is better than any day I had before she was in my life, and out came the words, Life is better with you. I picked up the guitar and wrote the song right then, Franti told Rolling Stone in 2013. I hope it inspires gratitude through the ups and downs of relationships for couples, friends, parents and kids.

The pair first met at the Regina Folk Festival in 2008 and were friends for several years before they became a couple.

When Im with her its like I am with my best friend, Franti previously told the Sydney Morning Herald. Ive never had that feeling before and its great.

Read Frantis anniversary post in full below:

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