Ex-Bush Speechwriter Laments What The GOP Has Become Under Donald Trump

The GOP is now “just the party of white grievance," Michael Gerson argued.

In a new column for The Washington Post, Michael Gerson, a former speechwriter for ex-President George W. Bush, explored Donald Trump’s “poisonous legacies” and argued that the GOP is now “just the party of white grievance.”

Trump’s presidency, and his divisive and violent rhetoric, helped “expand the boundaries of expressible prejudice,” Gerson wrote.

“Through the explicit practice of White-identity politics, Trump has obviated the need for code words and dog whistles,” he added.

The Republican Party has been “swiftly repositioned as an instrument of white grievance,” Gerson continued, noting its refusal to “condemn racists within its congressional ranks” and how the party’s “main national legislative agenda seems to be the suppression of minority voting.”

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