Former Brothel Owner Scottie Ewing's Client List Stolen, Rumor-Mill Set To Hyperdrive (THIRD UPDATE)

A break-in on the night of June 6 at a former brothel owner's house has led to a slew of salacious rumors.

According to a Denver Police report, Scottie Ewing, the former owner of Denver Players/Denver Sugar, was the victim of a burglary between 6 and 8 p.m. Items stolen from the property don't include the typical cash, jewelry, and ipod; rather, intruders made off with Ewing's computer and a bin of records from the former escort service.

The Denver Police Department announced it has closed the investigation into the theft of the records. Citing a lack of forensic evidence and a surplus of potential suspects, investigators were unable to push the case forward. Ewing didn't believe either his computer or records would be returned and asked to close the investigation.


7News confirms the records include "the black book phone list, appointment logs, schedule books and credit card slips" of the brothel's previous clients.

Denver Police originally raided and shut down the escort agency in February 2008, but documents from the operation have not been released, and no charges have been filed. However, 9News connected former Chief Federal Judge Edward Nottingham to the brothel, leading to his resignation in 2008.

Many high-profile Denver names are rumored to be on the stolen list, including Mayor-Elect Michael Hancock, according to an unconfirmed internet report from Complete Colorado.

Hancock's campaign manager Evan Dryer says the report is absolutely untrue, and that "Michael and the campaign have endured negative, false, deceptive attack after attack for months, so nobody should really be surprised at this. The thing that's different about this one is just the personal nature of it, and how shameful it is."

The document in question, courtesy of Complete Colorado:

9News coverage of the theft: