Hilarious 'PSA' Tackles The Controversy Over Straight People In Gay Bars

"We would love to have you there, just be smart and follow my rules. Lol.”

For as long as there have been gay people in gay bars, there have also been straight people in gay bars ― and their presence has created quite a bit of controversy.

Recently, several thought pieces and Twitter threads about why it either is ― or isn’t ― problematic for non-queer people to visit and enjoy queer spaces have made the rounds on the internet. Now comedian Michael Henry is offering his own thoughts on the topic via “Gay Men Love Me,” a hilarious “public service announcement” video that he recently shared on his YouTube channel.

In the short clip, Henry finds himself riding home from a night at the bar when he comes face to face with two straight people who want to know why they shouldn’t be free to visit gay bars too. Henry responds to their claims with humor and wit, while making some really important points about community and privilege.

“I wanted to make this video because I love straight people,” Henry told HuffPost. “I do. But so many are clueless to the fact that gay bars and clubs are more than just places for us to get a vodka soda.”

The comedian says that the video was made “very much in response to the Out.com article where a woman was very adamant about being included in the gay male scene” and that he wanted to use it to “give her some kind rules.”

“I would love for the take away to be that gay people love women and straight people,” he said. “Just know that these bars and clubs do belong to us. LGBTQ people have the feeling that the rest of the world belongs to straight people, so we’re very protective over our venues. We would love to have you there, just be smart and follow my rules. Lol.”

For more from Michael Henry, visit his YouTube channel and his Instagram page.

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