Michael Isabelle, Plane Passenger, Punches Flight Attendant When Blocked By Food Cart

Ah, the joy of long haul flights. A passenger went nuts on a flight attendant on a JFK-bound flight Thursday when he saw that his path to the bathroom was being blocked by a beverage cart, according to the New York Post.

Michael Isabelle, of Framingham, MA, started the mayhem around 6am on an American Airlines flight from Rio de Janeiro. Isabelle kicked the cart repeatedly until it fell over and punched the hapless flight attendant, Carlos Carrico, in the stomach.

It took Carrico and two others to wrestle Isabelle to the ground and place plastic cuffs on him. Once the plane landed, Isabelle, 63, was taken to a local hospital for a psychiatric evaluation.

JFK airport has seemingly been a hotbed of interesting activity recently. Earlier this week, a Columbia University student who forgot his ID tried to jump onto the baggage carousel in order to make his San Francisco-bound flight.