Michael J. Fox Admits Alcohol Helped Him Cope With Parkinson's Diagnosis Before Therapy

Michael J. Fox was a guest on Howard Stern's radio show to talk about his new TV series, "The Michael J. Fox Show," on NBC.

During the interview, seen in the clip above, Stern addresses Fox's Parkinson's disease and asks him about his decision to quit show business after being diagnosed in 1991. "Was that torture for you? Because you love acting," asks Stern.

"I just felt helpless," admits Fox. "It felt unfair in a way ... it's hard to explain."

"Did you go into therapy right away?" asks Stern and clarifies: "Psychotherapy."

Fox then admits to waiting a few years before going to therapy, and confesses alcohol was his first resort. "My first reaction to it was to start drinking heavily."

"What's heavily?" insists Stern.

"I used to drink to party and then, now, I was just drinking alone. Every day."

"Self medicating?" asks Stern.

"Yeah," says Fox, adding that this lasted for about a year while he lacked the tools to deal with the diagnosis. He then proceeded to go to therapy and says he learned to take it "one day at a time."

Watch the video above to learn how Fox's family helps him deal with his disease, and how it has affected his sex life.



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