Michael J. Fox Says His 'Family Ties' Character Wouldn't Think Much Of Donald Trump

Republican Alex P. Keaton would not support the president, according to the actor.

Alex P. Keaton has no “family ties” to Donald Trump, and Michael J. Fox wants to make that clear.

The actor joined “The View” on Tuesday to discuss his new book, “No Time Like the Future,” his cameo in a Lil Nas X video, and what his “Family Ties” character would think about the president.

In “Family Ties,” the ’80s sitcom that helped make Fox a household name, his character, Alex P. Keaton, is famously a Republican living with a family of Democrats. Hijinks ensued. Fox, however, apparently doesn’t think his character would always vote along party lines.

“I don’t think he’d think much of Trump,” Fox said of Keaton. “I think he would’ve liked [George Bush]. I think he would’ve liked [Mitt Romney]. I think he would’ve liked a lot of these guys. But I don’t think he would’ve dug Trump.”

Politics also came up on a recent “Family Ties” reunion, with Fox saying, “How many of us would’ve taken George Bush in a heartbeat the last three years?”

According to the Los Angeles Times, Fox takes several digs at Trump in his book. The actor reportedly describes his struggle with Parkinson’s disease as every physical movement being like a “negotiation in my mind between Donald Trump and Nancy Pelosi.”

See “The View” interview below:

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