Michael Jackson Auction: Over 600 Household Items For Sale

Michael Jackson Enjoyed Drawing All Over His Furniture

This morning on the "Today Show," a segment about the 600 or so items being auctioned off by the opportunistic owners of the Los Angeles estate Michael Jackson rented the year before his death yielded something rather interesting: The King of Pop enjoyed drawing all over his furniture. In fact, the auctioneers from Julien's Auctions told Ann Curry that this was something Jackson commonly did at home, in rented homes (as in this case) and even when traveling through hotel rooms.

Among items shown were a wooden shower bench marked up with stick-figure drawings and a mirrored armoire that bears this inscription courtesy of Michael: "Train perfection March April May. Full Out." The armoire originally cost somewhere between $6,000-$8,000, the auctioneers estimate, but tell Curry that "because it was owned by Michael, it will be a lot more."

Apparently the tagging gene runs in the family: a separate item for sale in the auction is a chunky wax candle scrawled into by none other than Jackson's son Prince.

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