The Weirdest Version Of MJ’s ‘Smooth Criminal’ You’ll Ever Hear

The 1987 smash hit gets a pretty bizarre reworking.

It’s Michael Jackson … like you’ve never heard him before.

The King of Pop’s “Smooth Criminal” has been remixed for a barrel organ.

Frenchman Patrick Mathis filmed himself playing the 1987 smash hit on the bizarre instrument. The resulting video is quickly going viral, after racking up more than half a million views in four days.

Barrel organs are a favorite ofstreet performers across the world. The instrument works by taking in sheet music that rotates around peg-studded cylinders; the cylinders block off air flow to certain pipes to produce the sound.

They’re usually used to play simpler songs, so Mathis arranged his version of MJ’s track himself.

And you can hear how it compares to the original here:

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