Michael Jackson Wanted To Be Immortalized On Film, According To His Alleged Diary


According to an alleged diary he kept before his untimely death, Michael Jackson felt the fame he reached in his 39-year career wasn't quite enough.

According to the New York Post, the "Thriller" singer unveiled his deepest desire in his secret diary, writing: "If I don't concentrate (on) film, no immortalization." The King of Pop wanted to emulate his entertainment heroes, Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly, and be "in the likes of Chaplin Michelangelo Disney. These men Demanded Perfection Innovation always. [sic]"

Jackson's reported desire to be on the silver screen all seemed part of his bigger plan to become the "first multi-billionaire entertainer-actor-director." The Jackson family's lawyers are requesting Michael's writings to be admitted into evidence in his manslaughter case so they can prove that the 50-year-old entertainer still had future money-making plans.

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