Michael Jackson & Freddie Mercury Duets To Reportedly See Release This Fall

An unreleased series of duets from Michael Jackson and Freddie Mercury is reportedly set for release this fall. The songs, which were recorded by the pair in 1983, have yet to see the light of day.

Mercury's former Queen bandmates, Brian May and Roger Taylor, broke the news of the duets this week. May and Taylor said that there will be “something for folks to hear” in the coming months, according to The Times.

The pair has been working on readying the tracks, with May reportedly calling the project "exciting, challenging, [and] emotionally taxing. But cool."

While the songs were originally recorded decades ago, the project was never completed on account of a truly bizarre spat. Jackson reportedly brought a llama to the recording studio during the sessions with Mercury, something the late singer was less than pleased with. "They got on well," Mercury's manager Jim Beach said in an interview. "Except for the fact that I suddenly got a call from Freddie, saying, 'Miami, dear, can you get on over here... You've got to get me out of here. I'm recording with a llama... I've had enough and I want to get out.'"

No word yet from May or Taylor on the number of songs or if the tracks will become part of an album.

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