Michael Jackson's 'XSCAPE' Is Actually Just An Old Demo [UPDATE]

UPDATE: As first noticed by a commenter on Stereogum and later confirmed by a representative for Epic Records in an email to Slate, the song below is not from "XSCAPE." Instead, it's an old version of the song "XSCAPE," which will be updated for the release of the new record. Head to Slate for the full story, or don't and just listen to the old song below since it's still great.

EARLIER: The title track from "XSCAPE," the new Michael Jackson album that will be released five years after his death, has leaked online. Produced by Rodney Jerkins, "XSCAPE" is vintage MJ: there are woo-hoos and hee-hees plus a driving bass line that basically invites everyone to dance like no one is watching. Listen below.

[via Vulture]



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