Michael Jackson's Animals: Where Are They Now?

Michael Jackson has left behind more than just his family and friends behind. The King of Pop also had an entourage of animals that he kept at his private zoo at Neverland Ranch -- an over 1,000 hectare space in California.

So what is the fate of these animals that include the famous chimp Bubbles, giraffes, birds, snakes and other exotic pets?

According to most reports, nearly all of the animals have already been moved to new homes in the past few years as Jackson's financial troubles increased.

Jackson's most well-known pet Bubbles (who is said to have learned the moonwalk and shared hotel and bedroom space with Jackson), who the singer adopted from a cancer research laboratory in 1985 is currently at the Center for Great Apes in Wauchulu, Fla.

Apparently, the now 26-year-old chimp is even about to sign a book deal and a make a movie debut of his own.

Jackson's two tigers, Thriller and Sabu, are at Shambala, the wild-animal preserve in Arizona, run by Melanie Griffith's mother, actress Tippi Hedren.

Rikki, his favorite bird, and his four giraffes all live at the The Voices of the Wild Foundation in Page, Ariz.

The foundation also acquired several of Jackson's other animals when the remaining Neverland animals were sent off the ranch in 2007.

Most of the animals, however, have not been informed of the singer's death, the reports add.