Michael Jackson's Daughter Reacts To Cancellation Of Controversial 'Urban Myths' Episode

Joseph Fiennes' casting as the king of pop caused a stir this week.

Michael Jackson’s daughter, Paris Jackson, has responded to British TV channel Sky Arts’ decision to drop the controversial “Urban Myths” episode that featured the white actor Joseph Fiennes as the king of pop. 

Paris took to Twitter to share her thoughts on the cancellation, writing: 

In the post, she links back to a tweet that includes a statement from Sky Arts, which indicates that the show wouldn’t broadcast the episode due to “concerns expressed by Michael Jackson’s immediate family.”

The decision to not air the problematic episode came after images were released of Fiennes as Michael Jackson earlier this week. Following their debut, Paris tweeted that the photos made her want to “vomit.”

Let’s hope that whoever ventures to play or cast Michael Jackson in a film or television show does so with a bit more care.



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