Michael Jackson's Death to Lead Huge Surge in Magazine Sales

The sudden death of Michael Jackson on Thursday turned the publishing industry upside down.

Every major weekly in the news and entertainment space was faced with the decision to scrap their covers and quickly pull together a Michael Jackson cover and story to accompany the King of Pop's untimely death.

Time Magazine is the first magazine out with a special commemorative issue. According to a Time Magazine spokesperson, the special issue was put together in 36 hours and was released in-between two regular issues!

Newsweek's released its current issue with a Michael Jackson cover.

However, the two magazines will not be alone for long on the newsstand.

You can expect to see Michael Jackson's face on the cover of magazines for weeks and month's to come.

Here's why:

#1 Jackson's Sudden Death is One of the Biggest Stories Ever

This is the biggest news event in the entertainment space in many, many years. When it comes to the death of a cultural icon, this is no question this event will turn into the most significant entertainment news story of our time. Adding to the frenzy is the belief that Jackson will become even more famous in death than when he was alive, which is a pretty common phenomenon.

#2 Jackson is a Global Icon

The story is so huge because of Michael Jackson's global notoriety - both positive and negative. He's known everywhere and his death quickly turned into a global news story.

#3 The Mystery Deepens

We're also still learning all the details of the King of Pop's death while the final autopsy will not be released for four to six weeks. The mystery continues, which means readers will want to receive in depth follow-ups on the story for the foreseeable future.

#4 Magazines Shine with Historic News Events

This type of story is where magazines show why they have the advantage over TV, newspapers and online outlets. From a glossy cover to photo-driven features, consumers know they can turn to magazines for extensive, thoughtful feature stories that put Jackson's death in perspective in both words and pictures. You can also be certain that consumers will buy Michael Jackson magazines to keep as a collector's item for the rest of their lives.

Will All Magazines Featuring Michael Jackson See a Boost in Sales on the Newsstand?

Indeed, magazines will see record sales over the next few weeks. But, that doesn't mean all will see compatible increases in market share.

With such an incredible amount of magazines hitting newsstands, these covers will quickly look very similar.

A glance at Time and Newsweek demonstrates the most critical aspect in creating a compelling cover. When it comes to this story - especially in week one -- it's all about the cover photo.

Both Time and Newsweek lived up to the challenge.

Time Magazine selected a classic photo of Michael Jackson performing. He's happy and in his element. Did he ever find true happiness away from the spotlight? That's the question I'm left with when I saw this cover. What's your reaction to the Time Magazine cover? Sound off below!

CLICK HERE to see the full-sized image of Time Magazine

Newsweek selected a photo of Michael as a child. What's most captivating about this cover is the look in Michael's eyes. He looks focused, serious and thoughtful - all at the same time. He appears to be mature beyond his years and appears to be carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders. This photo perfectly captures what many believe Jackson went through as a child-star. Did Newsweek pick the right photo? Sound off below!

CLICK HERE to see the full-sized image of Newsweek.

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How will the rest of the magazine's perform? Stay tuned and check out CoverAwards daily for Michael Jackson covers from around the world.