Michael Jordan Held Back Tears During The Medal Of Freedom Ceremony, And, Well, Yeah

You can probably guess what happened next.
There is our man.
There is our man.

On Tuesday, Barack Obama presented the prestigious Medal of Freedom to 21 remarkable men and women from around the country. The highest civilian honor our country has was bestowed on the likes of Diana Ross, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Bruce Springsteen and Ellen DeGeneres.

Michael Jordan also received the Medal of Freedom on Tuesday. But unlike those that surround him, Jordan also has the honor and burden of being the basis of perhaps the internet’s single greatest internet meme. We speak, of course, of Michael Jordan Crying Face. 

Obama referenced Jordan’s memedom during his speech about the Chicago Bulls legend, saying MJ was “more than just an internet meme,” a truth lost on many Americans below the age of 25. It was a soft joke, one that made Jordan lick his lips and chuckle, but then the internet, as it always does, caught on to something: Was Michael Jordan ... holding back tears?

Oh no. 

Oh no, no, no. 

Can’t a man just get his Medal of Freedom in peace?



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