Michael Jordan Dunks: 48-Year-Old Legend Still Able To Throw It Down (VIDEO)

WATCH: At Age 48, Air Jordan Can Still Dunk

At a recent Charlotte Bobcats' fantasy camp, 48-year-old NBA legend Michael Jordan gave the fans in attendance quite a treat. He showed that, despite his age and well-chronicled knee issues, he was still able to dunk a basketball.

The dunk itself didn't bring back memories of the MJ of old, who is considered among the greatest dunkers in NBA history. But the ease with which he was able to complete the dunk is quite impressive.

Despite being retired, Jordan, the majority owner of the Bobcats, has been known to practice with the team and hold his own.

But Jordan isn't the only NBA star aging well -- former dunk phenom Dominique Wilkins is still able to throw it down going into his 50s.

Hat Tip to Ball Don't Lie for the find!


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