Michael Jordan's Golf Cart Is Awesome (VIDEO)

Michael Jordan's golf cart has been making headlines this week, as admirers praise the basketball legend's style on the green.

Powder blue, with tricked-out rims, custom leather seats, huge speakers and a tinted sunroof, Jordan's golf course ride is a sight to behold.

According to Busted Coverage, the custom golf cart is fast, too.

“It brought water to my eyes, I was flying,” Jordan said last year after test-driving the cart.

Olympic superstar Michael Phelps may have bested Jordan on the links at the 12th annual Michael Jordan Celebrity Invitational in Las Vegas over the weekend, but we're hoping His Airness shrugged off the loss by zooming off into the sunset with some powder blue flair.

Baseball legends Ozzie Smith and Vince Coleman were the victors of the invitational, which was attended by celebs like Don Cheadle, Wayne Gretzky and Bruce Jenner. According to the invitational's website, the event raised more than $500,000 for charity.