Michael Jordan Hall Of Fame Speech (VIDEO)

Michael Jordan made the most of having the stage and microphone to himself at last weekend's Basketball Hall of Fame induction ceremony by delivering a characteristically blunt and combative acceptance speech.

The five-time league Most Valuable Player offered his thanks to all those people in his life -- from his parents to teammates to opposing coaches and players -- who "helped" him, either with their support or their doubts.

He thanked his siblings for pushing him, a coach for cutting him, the media for doubting him and his competition for disrespecting him. In one of the tenser portions, Jordan had special words for former Bulls GM Jerry Krause, who did not attend.

"Jerry's not here. I don't know who'd invite him. I didn't. I hope he understands it goes a long way. He's a very competitive person. I was a very competitive person. He said organizations win championships. I said, 'I didn't see organizations playing with the flu in Utah. I didn't see it playing with a bad ankle.'"

Many have criticized the speech as mean-spirited and petty, while others have defended it as Jordan being his ultra-competitive self.

Watch it for yourself: