Michael Jordan's Tune Squad Uniform From 'Space Jam' Is Hitting The Auction Block

Bidding starts at $10,000.

Michael Jordan's most important uniform -- you know, the one he wore while saving the earth -- is hitting the auction block this fall.

Starting on Oct. 1, fans of Jordan and the 1996 sports entertainment classic "Space Jam" can bid on the actual Tune Squad uniform Jordan wore during the making of the movie. Despite there being "signs of wear" and "minor staining" on the uniform, it'll be available for bidding through online auction house Invaluable via Los Angeles-based auction house Profiles In History.

Invaluable estimates the price to fall between $10,000 (the starting bid) and $15,000, but in the past, Jordan memorabilia has been auctioned off for upwards of $100,000

Think you can afford it? 

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