Michael Jordan's Birthday: Superstar Athlete Turns 49, Plus His Most Memorable Outfits (PHOTOS)

At some point in time (or even still) we've all wanted to be like Mike.

After all, Michael Jordan is a six time NBA champion, two time Olympic gold medalist, one of the highest earning athletes in history and considered the greatest basketball player of all time. And although he retired from the NBA in 2003 (for the third time), Jordan is still living the dream.

The legendary athlete's Air Jordan sneakers continue to cause small riots, he is still raking in the dough with brand endorsements and he recently popped the question to model Yvette Prieto (she said yes!)

And while Jordan continues to score off the court--he sadly gets no points for personal style.

In fact, there is an entire Tumblr page dedicated to Jordan's fashion faux pas, which include but are not limited to: ripped jeans, zoot suits, suede blazers and anything that's two sizes too big.

In celebration of Jordan's 49th birthday, here's a look at some of his most, er, interesting fashion choices.