Michael Kelly Of 'House Of Cards' Begs 'SNL' To Cast Him As Stephen Miller

"Oh please oh please," Kelly wrote to "Saturday Night Live" on Twitter.
Michael Kelly
Michael Kelly

Stephen Miller may have earned baffled criticism last week after he said the famous poem about immigration on the Statue of Liberty didn’t matter. But that isn’t stopping President Donald Trump from reportedly considering Miller for the role of communications director.

If true, the current senior policy advisor and speechwriter for Trump would replace Anthony Scaramucci, whose tenure in the post was famously short-lived.

Amid this latest report about Miller’s potential new gig, actor Michael Kelly has made it clear he wants to play him on “Saturday Night Live.”

Kelly ― who plays the murderous Doug Stamper on “House of Cards” ― linked to news of Miller’s prospective new job and wrote on Twitter, ”Oh please oh please I might finally get my shot at @nbcsnl #StephenMiller.”

Kelly had expressed interest in playing Miller back in February, after someone on Twitter made a photo comparison of the two.

“Hey @SNLUpdate if you happen to need someone I’m around,” wrote Kelly on Twitter. “Just sayin. #snl.”

This initial side-by-side comparison came just a few weeks into the Trump administration ― which may feel like decades ago, but which is barely more than six months old.

Here are those photos:

Of course, anyone parodying members of the Trump administration will have to live up to Melissa McCarthy’s now legendary impression of Sean Spicer, the now-departed press secretary who also served as the acting communications director before Scaramucci appeared on the scene.

Although “Saturday Night Live” will not return for at least another month or so, a spinoff focused on “Weekend Update” will premiere Thursday. If the “SNL” folks are in a bind to quickly find an experienced actor to play Miller, they should consider Kelly. At least they’d know he’ll say yes.

Stephen Miller.
Stephen Miller.