Kentucky Man Arrested For Drunk Riding A Horse

Kentucky Man Arrested For Drunk Riding A Horse

Say neigh to drunk riding.

A Kentucky man was arrested this week after police say he rode a horse while under the influence of alcohol. Michael Kimmel, 40, told police on Tuesday that he "didn’t do [expletive]" and was "just riding my horse," as they responded to reports of an intoxicated horse rider on U.S. Route 23, authorities told the Floyd County Times.

The newspaper explains:

The arrest report, filed by Trooper J. Gabbard, says [Kimmel] was ordered to stop, but instead he ran down an embankment, fleeing on foot, wearing only a brown hat, jeans, and boots. During the search for the suspect, police say the found his clothing on the back porch of his own house.

Authorities later caught up to Kimmel in the community of Justel, WKYT reports.

Kimmel is currently on probation for burglary, according to the Smoking Gun.

He faces charges of driving under the influence, as well as fleeing or evading police.

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