Michael Kors' Lucky Charms Commercial, Dating History & More Revealed (VIDEO)

Guess Which Designer Starred In A Lucky Charms Commercial

The always-quotable Michael Kors sat down with "20/20" on Friday night to talk about his rise in the fashion royalty ranks, creating clothes adored by soccer moms, celebrities, and First Ladies alike.

Sprinkled among ABC's Elizabeth Vargas' gushing praise ("You travel like a rock star!") were some seriously adorable gems from the designer's past.

Our top three favorite moments:

1. As a young kid in Long Island, Kors made a brief foray into child acting that included the cutest commercial for Lucky Charms we've ever seen (at 3:01). "They taste like...marshmallows!" Somebody get this little blondie an agent.

2. Kors assures a Vargas that yep, he always knew he was gay (at 3:34). This was abundantly clear since the time he dated a girl "because her mom had a great wardrobe." Recalled Kors, "I used to spend half of our dates sitting at the kitchen table talking to her mom about clothes." Totally unsurprising, totally charming.

3. Thankfully, Vargas makes sure to include a couple of Kors' all-time snarkiest quips from the "Project Runway" judging circle. Among them is this pearl: "She looks like an amish cocktail waitress."


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