Michael Kors Instagram Ad Is The App's First-Ever Advertisement

Many Instagram lovers were dismayed to learn that their beloved photo-sharing app was soon to be spoiled with ads. But the company assured its many users that the ads wouldn't be bothersome, intrusive pop-ups but rather "beautiful, high-quality photos and videos." Really? So beautiful we'd barely even notice them?

Well, yeah. The very first Instagram ad made its debut late last week, and lo and behold it is an ad for Michael Kors. The pic is a pretty close-up on a gold watch with the inevitable macarons and other lovely ephemera in the background, all with a soft, Insta-glow. The caption: "5:15 PM: Pampered in Paris #MKTimeless"

Based on the new Instagram ad model, anyone who already followed Michael Kors on Instagram saw the photo as a normal pic in their feeds. All other users saw it pop up in their feeds with the label "sponsored."

As Insta users who already follow Kors and similar designers, the ad actually strikes us as quite pretty and inconspicuous. But as you can see from the comments under the photo, there are plenty of users who weren't fans.

Check it out -- are you cool with ads on your Instagram feed if they look like this?

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