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Michael Kors: Models Are Not Supposed To Look Like You And Me


Michael Kors recently talked to the Montreal Gazette about model size and age. He explained:

Models, by nature, are not supposed to look like you and me. They are exemplary. They have bone structure and height and lengths of leg that normal people don't have. But you want that to be based on genes, and if they're adults, you want that to be based on adults who take care of themselves.

He added:

I think if you send out an army of robotic 14-year-old children dressed up in their mom's clothes, I think the reality is that it's a turnoff, unless you are in fact a robotic 14-year-old. Women say: 'Well. wait a sec, I wear a bra. I have to go to the office. Where are clothes that I can actually wear?'

Regarding age, Kors believes that modeling at age 16 is okay, as long as there's adult supervision.

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