Michael Krauter's In-Laws Can't Wait To Be Grandparents In This Pregnancy Reaction Video

WATCH: The Best Pregnancy Reaction Video Ever

It's a moment most parents can't wait to be a part of once their children have grown up and settled down -- finding out they're going to be grandparents. And Michael Krauter has captured each "We're expecting!" reveal as he and his wife tell their families that there'll be a new addition to the family.

The Krauters shared the news over a family game of Apples to Apples where one of the cards had a sonogram of Baby Krauter. They also told the expecting mom's grandmother who, upon seeing the sonogram, wondered if the photo of her great-grandchild was really a photo of a cat.

But we have to say the best reaction thus far has got to be the one he filmed of his mother-in-law. While the grandpa-to-be plays it cool, shaking his son-in-law's hand as he offers his congratulations with a proud smile, his wife practically gallops around the kitchen to hug her daughter as she sobs: "Is it real?"

Watch the video above to see her hilariously heart-warming (and ear-splitting) reaction to the news she'll be a grandmother in September, close to her own birthday. (And congrats to the Krauter family!)

(h/t Reddit)

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