Man Pulls Gun On 6 Kids For Damaging Donald Trump Sign: Police

The suspect admitted he had no real proof that they destroyed the sign.
Michael Robert Kubek, 56, says he pulled a gun to scare some teens he believes destroyed his pro-Trump yard sign.
Michael Robert Kubek, 56, says he pulled a gun to scare some teens he believes destroyed his pro-Trump yard sign.
Allen Park Police Dept

Are these Trumped-up charges?

A Michigan man has been charged with seven felonies after he allegedly held six kids at gunpoint, believing they’d damaged a Donald Trump campaign sign in his yard, the Southgate News Herald reported.

Michael Robert Kubek, 56, reportedly called the police on Oct. 29 to report that a group of teens had hit his “Trump for President” lawn sign.

When officers arrived, Kubek wasn’t home, but they heard a lot of yelling on the corner and went to see what was causing the commotion, the Herald reported. They found Kubek yelling and cursing at a group of adolescents ages 12 to 14, who were sitting on some grass in front of a house, police said.

Kubek accused the youths of damaging his Trump sign, but admitted that he hadn’t seen any of them actually do it and didn’t have security cameras that could prove who destroyed the sign, according to officers.

Police said there is no evidence that proves the kids were involved in vandalizing the sign, WDIV TV reported.

Officers sent Kubek home while they questioned the kids, who had reportedly told him they didn’t touch his sign. He didn’t believe them, they said. Then they alleged that he’d pointed a gun at them while his mother called the police.

When the officers questioned Kubek about this, he showed them an unloaded Sig Sauer 9 mm P938, according to the Detroit Free Press.

“He said it was unloaded and still in the holster when pulled from his waist,” Allen Park Police Det. Lt. Dave Williams told the paper.

Kubek told police he “felt threatened by the juveniles because he was outnumbered” and “stated that his intention was to scare the juveniles,” a news release issued by the department stated.

He also said that his house had been egged and political signs in front of it had been destroyed a week earlier, according to RawStory.

Kubek was arraigned on Tuesday. He was charged with six counts of assault with a dangerous weapon and one count of felony firearm possession.

His next court date is a probable cause hearing scheduled for Dec. 5.

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