Michael Lewis Attacks Goldman Sachs, Wall St.'s Political Influence (VIDEO)

Michael Lewis, the author of Moneyball and Liar's Poker appeared in front of Hudson Union Society earlier this month. He spoke for about an hour, and some of his strongest words dealt with the increasingly political influence of Wall Street on Capitol Hill.

When asked why his article "The End Of Wall Street," which appeared in Portfolio in December of last year, didn't have more influence in the government, Lewis said he had learned through friends that it had been widely read in Washington.

Lewis said he was shocked that his piece, which he said he spent about a month on, actually taught members of the government things they didn't know. "I now know how little they know," Lewis said.

He also said that Washington's understanding of the financial crisis is coming from a "very particular point of view, namely Goldman Sachs." The Obama administration has essentially extended the Bush administration's approach to the problem," he added.

"We've had 25 years where the Goldman Sachs' of the world are ruling the world," said Lewis.


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