Michael Lohan: I'm Happy With Lindsay's Playboy Photos

Lilo's Dad Talks Playboy Photos

Even Lindsay Lohan's father approves of her Playboy photos.

The star's father Michael Lohan tells Dr. Drew Pinsky on an episode of "Lifechangers" that he thinks her decision to pose nude was a good choice, reports the New York Daily News.

"It's a move in a direction where she's working," he told Dr. Drew on the episode airing Dec. 28. "If she's happy with it, I'm happy with it."

He's happy with it, but Daddy dearest hasn't seen the photos and doesn't want to. Dr. Drew pulled up an image of the cover of Lindsay's nude pictorial, Lohan stammered, "I haven't seen it and I never look at any of it. There she is. Do I have to close my eyes?"

Lohan, 51, has been suffering from health problems, including high blood pressure and blood clots, admits that he heard the spread was "classy" and said there are a lot of projects he hasn't seen his daughter in. "She did some movies that were a little risque at times and I couldn't even go to the movies and watch it," he said.

And like Lindsay's dad said, the nude shoot may have been a move in the right direction for the 25-year-old actress. Recently Lindsay was spotted at JFK airport hiding from paparazzi behind an untitled script, and she was recently named the new face of Jag Jeans.

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Lindsay Lohan

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