Michael Lohan Hopes New Baby With Kate Major Will Be Daughter 'As Beautiful And Talented' As Lindsay, Says Source

Michael Lohan was all smiles Tuesday night when he was spotted for the first time since the announcement that his on-again, off-again girlfriend Kate Major was expecting a baby. The 52-year-old was at West Hollywood hot spot BOA, not hiding from photographers and seemingly enjoying all the new attention.

“I can confirm Kate is pregnant and in her first trimester,” Major's manager told me. Michael Lohan emailed back a simple “thank you” when I congratulated him on the baby news, but further questions were not answered.

“It is for sure his child and they are back together,” a friend of Kate’s tells me. “They are both very excited about the news and can’t wait for the arrival of the baby. Michael is already picking out names and hopes they have a daughter as beautiful and talented as Lindsay. This is a second chance for him to be the parent he always wanted to be.”

It is still confusing how Kate and Michael managed to conceive a child, when Major's restraining order against him was lifted only a few weeks ago. However, in April, Michael reportedly said that while he was in the hospital undergoing treatment for kidney stones, Kate showed up with the intention of getting pregnant.

Before dating Michael, Kate famously dated former reality television star Jon Gosselin. Michael is the father of four other children, Lindsay, 26; Michael, 25; Ali, 18; and Cody, 16. In 2008, it was revealed that Michael may have fathered an illegitimate child while still married to former wife, Dina Lohan.

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