My Message to the World

Because of the unusual cosmic patterns going on in the sky right now, everyone is struggling, from Barack Obama, Mitt Romney, to you, madly scrambling to find a way to rationalize complicated situations in relationships they have gotten themselves into. Whether you are celebrating your 25th wedding anniversary, trying to hold on to a person you thought could answer all your problems, fighting in court over custody of the children, or madly searching for someone to avoid an inchoate loneliness, the real story is truly difficult to face.

You've got to be at least thirty years old to understand consciously what is happening in the deepest part of your heart and mind. If not, then you have to go to your parents or some close family member and try to find out exactly what happened between the years 1982 and 1984. YOU may wonder exactly why any of that should matter now.

This is 2012. The big year the Mayans went on and on about-their calendar was ending. What's the big whoop? Is the Earth really lining up with the center of the Galaxy? IS Planet X about to enter our Solar System and collide with our planet? IS this the end of the world?

This isn't Armageddon at all, at least not the way sensationalist journalists and paranoid survivalists have been thinking. Without even going into the subject of the deplorable state of the Economy and the current collapse of culture as we know it, there's a much more personal event taking place, right in your own life.

Between 1982 and 1984, a strong configuration of planets changed people's lives forever: the Saturn Pluto conjunction. It has taken 29 years for the planet Saturn to return to that spot in the heavens.

Without our even being aware of it, such a cosmic situation awakens memories we thought we had put away forever. Even in those who were not even born then, there's a stored, genetic memory of the events, situations, and circumstances surrounding the significant changes in relationships that took place then.

The human mind has the most amazing capabilities to twist and distort reality in an effort to avoid facing reality. Reality? What is reality?

The reality of impermanence.

We strive and struggle to hang on to the shreds of anything, money, power, position, people -- anything that can provide us a shred of what we think of as security. It doesn't matter what Sign you were born under, we all do it in our own individual ways.

The cosmic truth, however, permits us to convince ourselves that we can stop the flow of time, prevent change from eroding out silly attempts to fool ourselves into thinking we can create a fixed, unmoving, stage on which to portray our personal drama.

It's funny, too, mainly because during times of great upheaval and change, we all go on living as if nothing were happening. We take the kids to school, pay the mortgage, get the car fixed, scratch and claw for a position of dominance and power over one thing or another, or one person or another. We carry on as if nothing were happening, as if there were not a bigger force telling us we should pay attention to the reality of change that lies often beyond our control in a vain attempt not to have to relive a period in our own history we found painful to cope with, when planets revisit that same spot in the heavens we concoct a whole array of fictional scenarios, complicate our lives with local stories and populate our surroundings with new characters, fresh characters so we do not have to look at what we are really up to.

Right now, this minute and for the next several weeks, Earthlings have a unique opportunity to revisit the past bravely and fearlessly to understand better our unconscious drives and motives. If we look back to that period, dig into the history, search courageously for what could be the roots of our problems right now today, what a liberating and joyous experience it can be.

Liberating and joyous because we can see that, Wow! This is NOT 1982. You do NOT have the same exact issues to deal with. You do NOT have to react the way you did then, or the way your parents did then. This is 2012. The situations are similar but NOT exactly the same.

You have options. You have freedom You have the benefit of being able to look at the relationship situation you are in right now and see that it is NOT exactly the same.

You do have an opportunity to understand with greater perspective that this is a time of change. It's a moment to embrace the reality of impermanence and to go with it, to flow with it. It is not a moment a scratch and claw, tearing an illusion to shreds, just to avoid seeing that nothing lasts forever.

Whether you are Leo, or Taurus, or Gemini of Aquarius or any zodiacal Sign, the magic of the moment, the brilliance of this Saturn transit at the end of Libra is to awaken you to the call of change. Such a chance doesn't come around too often, so it's worth noting.

Here we go. We are about to being a new chapter. It can be scary, mainly because it means giving up the notion that the reality we have created with all the cast of characters is about to shift significantly. You need to rise to the challenge of casting off the old and breathing in the fresh air of the new. In fact, the only thing that lasts forever is your ability to see life as the kaleidoscope of change that it is.

That brings happiness.