Michael Lynche, 'American Idol' Finalist, Talks Debut Album, 90-Pound Weight Loss And Fatherhood

'American Idol' Finalist Opens Up On 90-Pound Weight Loss

Two years after appearing on "American Idol" as a finalist, Michael Lynche is gearing up for the release of his self-titled album on August 14. In the midst of recording his forthcoming opus, Lynche welcomed the birth of his second child, Kingston Michael, and more recently debuted on Billboard’s Adult R&B charts for his single “Who’s Gonna Love You More.”

The Florida native spoke with the Huffington Post on his new album, his 90 pound weight loss and fatherhood.

How has the recording process been for your debut album?

It’s been really amazing. My label, Big3 Records, were really supportive of me making the record that I wanted to make. There was no time limit on when I needed to have things done by. It was really a supportive process that I could be as creative as I wanted to be, and really say the things that I wanted to say from where I am in my manhood at this time. I love making this record, I felt like I’ve written the best songs that I’ve ever written, on this album and I’m super pleased with it.

Were there any issues that delayed the album’s release?

Not really; the process really was what it was. It was the kind of thing where it’s ready now, so now is the time to put it out. I was going to work on it until it was ready. I wouldn’t say that there weren’t any hurdles like out of the ordinary or anything unexpected. The process was one where we were going to work at it until it was right. And we feel like it’s right at this point.

Earlier this year you celebrated the birth of your son, Kingston Michael, your second child. Can fans expect you to touch on your experience as a father?

I did. I have a song on the album that I wrote for my daughter. It’s called, “Baby Boo.” The record itself, in its entirety deals with my ideas and thoughts on love and just where I am right now. And the whole spectrum of love. From breakups to being head over heels, crazy, die for you type of love, to taking your woman and laying it down and spending that nice wholesome sexy time with her. The record is all about love.

Your debut single, “Who’s Gonna Love You More” made its debut on Billboard’s album chart in May. How was that experience?

It’s been very cool to come from out of the gate and have success with it. I’m just really pleased. I love that song. I wrote it with Jamie Jones, who is one of the leads from the group All 4 One. And it was amazing to work with him. It’s a long race with this record. This is only the first song we’re releasing and I’m excited for where we are so far. I can’t wait to really start performing live and letting people see that side of me.

Are there any plans to release a video for “Who’s Gonna Love You More”?

We’re shooting the video in 10 days or so. And the plan is to release it by the middle of July, which would be a month out from the record releasing on August 14. So that’s the plan with it. We got a really amazing team getting the video together, and I’m just looking forward to shooting something creative and really sexy for it.

Can fans expect you to collaborate with other “American Idol” alums like Fantasia or Ruben Studdard at some point?

Yeah, I actually met with Ruben and went down to record with in Alabama. We did three songs down there. Ruben is such a mentor for me, just an amazing big brother. And I also had a chance to talk to Fantasia a few times. She’s just a talented girl -- I die over her voice. I’m happy to be in both of their company.

And similar to Ruben, you also went through an 85-pound weight loss since appearing on "Idol."

Well, right now I’m at 90 pounds [lost]. I really like to have something to focus on. I like to have something to have a routine about and to be disciplined about. As we were coming to the end of last year, I just wanted to do something different and change up my workout. I began running and it’s just taken off from there. I got on a pretty hardcore diet and work out twice a day to make sure that I’m around for a time to come with my kids, and just be as healthy as possible.

Speaking of being around for your children, do you have any personal goals as a father?

I want my kids to always see through me that you can always do whatever it is that you decide to do. I want them to see that the only thing that matters is your work. And I want to be living proof of it every day. I want them to always be proud of me. I think that’s probably what drives me the most is having my family be proud of me. I know there’s going to come a day where your kids won’t think you’re cool, but as for right now, I’m their world. I just always want my kids to be proud of me no matter what.

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