Michael Madsen's Stay-At-Home Remake Of Ear-Slice Scene Is A Cut Above

The actor tweaked his famed "Reservoir Dogs" moment for a coronavirus family PSA.

Michael Madsen just made a shelter-in-place PSA that’s bloody good fun. (Watch it above.)

The actor reimagined his famous ear-cutting scene as bad guy Vic Vega in Quentin Tarantino’s 1992 heist movie “Reservoir Dogs.”

Only this time, instead of maiming a cop, Madsen’s Vega has already done the damage to family members as the camera moves through the house. Each holds a blood-stained bandage over an ear while the original music used for the cinema carnage, “Stuck In The Middle With You,” plays.

Madsen finally appears in his old dark suit and tie, with pajama bottoms. An ensemble for our coronavirus pandemic times.

“Stay safe. Stay home,” the kicker reads.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Michael Rapaport are among other actors using humor to appeal to those who may be tempted to ignore social-distancing guidelines during the pandemic.

Here’s the original scene from “Reservoir Dogs”:

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