Rev. Michael Maginot Signs Movie Deal About Exorcisms Performed On Indiana Family

Look out Hollywood! An Indiana parish priest has gone from casting out demons to the world of casting actors for movies.

The Rev. Michael Maginot signed a movie deal about the exorcisms he performed on an Indiana woman who lived with her children and mother in a bungalow they believed they shared with demonic spirits.

Maginot signed on to work with Evergreen Media Holdings Executive Chairman Tony DeRosa-Grund, who produced the 2013 blockbuster "The Conjuring," according to the Indianapolis Star.

It was the Indianapolis Star that last week revealed Maginot's role in the eerie phenomena that beset Latoya Ammons and her family when they moved into a one-story white home in Gary.

The family claims that Ammons' daughter levitated above her bed, they heard phantom footsteps emanated from a the basement and saw wet footprints materialize on the floor, among other inexplicable phenomena.

Police and child welfare officials, who investigated, claim that equipment malfunctioned inside the house, mysterious sticky substances appeared with no source and that Ammons' sons spoke in otherworldly voices.

Maginot got involved at the request of a hospital chaplain who said workers saw one of Ammons' sons walk backwards up a wall and onto the ceiling.

“The story is good as it is,” Maginot said to the Star. “You don’t need to go crazy with it.”

He also reportedly cut a deal with Zak Bagans, host and executive producer of “Ghost Adventures. ” Bagans bought the so-called haunted house for a reported $30,000.