Michael McArthur Covers John Lennon's "Imagine" As a Contribution For Peace


Though the world is wreathed in strife, artists, writers, poets and musicians are finding ways to extend the light for those who only see darkness. With acts of terror, genocide, war and gun violence on the rise, it can be maddening to siphon through these seemingly endless tragedies while being consumed with a hopeless sense of helplessness. Our world bleeds from a deep wound that we, as a race, have inflicted. So how, then, do we begin to mend such a vast affliction?

Obviously, there is no easy answer to that question but that doesn't mean there is no answer. While the darkness of humanity seems to only become more obscure, the compassion of humanity is limitless. For decades, artists have been using their creations to inspire optimism and raise awareness. John Lennon was one of these artists and though he received praise as well as criticism for his activism, his vision was never hindered.

One of his greatest contributions to the world of music was his song "Imagine," an unforgettable anthem for peace. With a beautifully simple combination of notes and poignant lyrics, the song is not meant to be taken literally but speculatively. Oftentimes questioning the world is more important than eternally searching for its answers.

Deeply feeling mankind's turmoil, Florida native Michael McArthur decided to resurrect Lennon's famous composition with his acoustic cover of "Imagine." His soulful take on this evocative track travels up the spine leaving goosebumps in its wake. With a powerful and piercing voice, McArthur's rendition oozes with potency, allowing the listener to feel his every note. He is not simply playing "Imagine," he is letting it course through him while allowing himself to bleed with the world's wounds.

Every contribution and outpouring of acknowledgement to a better world is slowly healing it. Yes, the world is riddled with darkness and no, it cannot be ignored. However, letting it extinguish our light allows the darkness to flourish. Though many of us cannot fight these battles with our own two hands, we can let our lights shine through our words, songs, thoughts, hearts and most of all, our actions. "It's a small contribution in support of a more peaceful world," said McArthur. "There's a lot of hate and violence swarming around and it's pretty special that we can find comfort in something that connects all of us to each other: music."