Officer Michael Miller Saves Himself From Being Shot With His Finger

Sergeant Michael Miller saved himself at gunpoint by using his finger to block the fire of a .38-cylinder revolver early Saturday morning.

The 38-year old officer was on a routine call with his partner Officer William Reddin when they pulled over a speeding livery cab that also lacked the proper partition between the front and back seat passengers.

The officers noticed the passenger, Eugene Graves, acting suspiciously. Miller then saw a bulge appearing from Graves' waist, started to frisk him, and realized there was a metal object underneath his clothes.

The New York Post says "Miller...told him to put his hands behind him, and that’s when he [Graves] started to fight."

In the midst of the struggle, Graves managed to get his hands on the gun who then pointed the weapon at Miller's abdomen. As Graves attempted to fire the revolver, Miller wedged his finger between the hammer and the cylinder, ultimately preventing it from properly firing.

I could feel a really sharp burning pain in my finger, kind of like my nail was being bent back...At that point I was completely winded, gassed. I had a little bit of shock. And it sunk in then what happened. I realized that my ring finger around the nail bed had been wedged between the hammer and the cylinder of the gun and basically getting crushed in there.

Graves was arrested for attempted murder of a police officer, possession of cocaine, and criminal possession of a weapon.