Michael Moore: '5 Broken Cameras' Could Win Oscar, 'One Of The Best Movies Of The Year' (VIDEO)

Filmmaker Michael Moore, who came to the defense of Palestinian "5 Broken Cameras" co-director Emad Burnat when he was detained at LAX earlier this week, said that Burnat's film has an excellent chance of winning a Best Documentary Feature Oscar this weekend.

"It has an excellent chance of winning because it's one of the best movies of the year," Moore told HuffPost Live host Ahmed Shihab-Eldin Wednesday. "Not just one of the best documentaries. '5 Broken Cameras' is one of the best movies of the year. And I know many, many people in the Academy who've seen it and were just amazed and moved by this film."

"5 Broken Cameras" traces the story of Burnat, a Palestinian olive farmer, and his village's nonviolent response as Israel's settlements expanded into Palestinian territories in the occupied West Bank.

"I think it's very significant that Emad has become the first Palestinian nominated for Best Documentary," Moore continued. "It's the first Palestinian documentary ever in the 85 years of the Academy nominated for Best Documentary. This is a historic moment for this and for Palestinian filmmaking."

Moore, who hosted a dinner for the Best Documentary nominees in Los Angeles Tuesday, came to Burnat's defense when he was detained at LAX, lobbying Academy officials and lawyers to intervene before Burnat and his family were sent back to Palestine.

"It's just shameful that, as Americans, because we support this, supposedly, this freedom of expression and movement, and you can go where you want in the world, that he had to even go through a minute's worth of detention at the Los Angeles airport," Moore told HuffPost Live.