Michael Moore Wants Ivanka Trump To Stage An Intervention For Spiraling Dad

The "Fahrenheit 9/11" director penned an open letter to encourage Trump to drop out of the race.
We need to talk. 
We need to talk. 

Michael Moore has penned an open letter to Donald Trump’s daughter, Ivanka, urging her to intervene in his campaign for the sake of her own family and for the families around the country that have been impacted by Trump’s inflammatory rhetoric. 

In the carefully-worded letter released on Alternet Wednesday, the “Fahrenheit 9/11” director considers the businesswoman to be one of few people to have the ear of the presidential hopeful, whom he believes to be on a downward spiral. 

“His comments and behavior have become more and more bizarre and detached from reality,” Moore writes. “He is in need of an intervention. And I believe only you can conduct it.”

Trump’s remarks during a recent rally in Wilmington, North Carolina, where he appeared to encourage his supporters to take up arms against his competitor Hillary Clinton, are the catalyst for Moore’s latest move against the GOP candidate. 

Addressing Ivanka as “a very smart and together woman,” Moore advises her to compel her father to drop out the race in the wake of his comments at the rally. 

“He has encouraged and given permission to the unhinged and the deranged to essentially assassinate Hillary Clinton,” Moore continues. “Her life is now in worse danger than it already was — and should anything happen, that will not only be on his head but also on those closest to him if they stand by and do nothing.”

Of course, a conversation between father and daughter about Trump removing himself from the race would be far from easy, so Moore, with the help of a former counselor and social worker, supplies a script for Ivanka to follow if need be. 

“I am asking you, right now, to give it up. To leave the race. Let that nice man from Indiana run things,” Moore suggests she tell Trump. “Your place in history is secure. You need to withdraw. Move on, for your sake, for the country’s sake, for my sake.”

Head over to Alternet to read the full letter.  



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