Michael Moore Just Laid Out His Blueprint For Resisting Donald Trump

"The good news is that we're in the majority."

Michael Moore was prescient in correctly forecasting Donald Trump’s win. He understood before so many others the forces that would propel Trump to this nation’s highest office.

Since the election, the Academy Award-winning filmmaker has been relentless in sounding the alarm about what he believes Trump’s presidency portends for the rights of Muslims, the wall and the future of democracy in this country. (Hint: not good things.)

But Moore, a longtime progressive activist, is not planning to sit still and watch Trump’s agenda reshape America. And at Watch Us Run, HuffPost Women’s inauguration day event, he spelled out his own personal plans for surviving a Trump presidency.

“I want every one of us to commit ― starting today if you can, but certainly starting on Monday ― that you make a part of your daily routine to call Congress,” Moore urged. You don’t even have to look up your legislator’s information, he added; you can simply call (202) 225-3121 and ask for them to connect you to your representative.

Moore also urged people to “join the army of comedy,” using humor and satire to push back against Trump, and of course to vote ― always.

“What I worry about, especially with young people ... is that the takeaway from this election is, ‘Why bother? Why vote? Don’t tell me my vote counts. Don’t preach that Civics 101 thing to me,’” Moore said, but he believes people who voted against Trump should be heartened that they’re in a majority.

“Individually you all have to take a stand... We are now in the Trump era,” he said. “You’re going to have to put some serious thought into putting yourself on the line.”

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