Michael Moore Making A New Movie Because Of Occupy Wall Street Protests (VIDEO)

In a long interview with The Wrap, lefty filmmaker Michael Moore said Occupy Wall Street is the signal he's been waiting for to start plans on a new movie. At the end of Moore's last polemic/documentary, 2009's "Capitalism: A Love Story," he concluded: "I'm tired of being alone and sticking my neck out, and I'm not gonna do this anymore. I'm not gonna make another documentary until I see other people doing things." Hmm. Not not patronizing. But apparently America finally came around and provided enough sustained terrible times to merit an unending and impressive protest (way to go America!), because Moore says he's definitely breaking his movie-making fast. He was tight-lipped about the film's subject matter, saying only that it will not be about the Occupy Wall Street movement, and "will be something that's not being addressed."

The interview also covered the Oscar boos heard 'round the world, which Moore basically said he's completely over now that he's on the Oscar's board of governors. That'll do it! Read an excerpt of Moore's answers below, or the full four-pager over at The Wrap:

I'm not gonna tell you what I'm going to do film-wise, but it will be something that's not being addressed.

It will be funny and shocking and hopefully will help move the ball down the field.

And as long as I am one among many … That is why I love going down to Occupy Wall Street. Because I stand there with hundreds as part of this general assembly, and I am one voice. If feels so much better to me to have hundreds of other people sharing in that and saying, "We're all going to put the yoke on our shoulders and carry this forward."

That feels better than standing alone on the Oscar stage being booed off it.

WATCH Moore lead a crowd at Occupy Wall Street: