Michael Moore To Piers Morgan On Bin Laden: 'We've Lost Something Of Our Soul' (VIDEO)

Michael Moore On Bin Laden Killing: 'We've Lost Something Of Our Soul'

Michael Moore doubled down on his criticism of the killing of Osama bin Laden, telling CNN's Piers Morgan on Thursday that, while he is glad bin Laden is gone, America "lost something of [its] soul" in killing him without putting him on trial.

Moore first gained attention for calling the killing an "execution" in an interview on Wednesday, and he repeated that charge to Morgan. He also criticized people who went to Ground Zero to celebrate bin Laden's death.

"I hear a lot of people often say, what would Jesus do?" he said. "I don't think Jesus would go down to Ground Zero like a lot of people did...and have a party." Morgan asked him why he took issue with the way bin Laden died. Moore said that the killing deviated from the notion that everyone has a right to a trial:

"We've lost something of our soul here in this country...something that separates us from other parts, other countries where we say everybody has their day in court no matter how bad of a person, no matter what piece of scum they are, they have a right to a trial...after World War II, we just didn't go in and put a bullet to the head of all the top Nazis. We put them on trial."

He said people who did not want a trial for Bin Laden were "saying that you hate being an American. You hate what we stand for, you hate what our constitution stands for. We stand for something different than that and we're better than them."


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