Michael Moore Prescient Pollster: Predicting the Improbable Presidency

Documentary filmmakers gathered at Criterion offices the day after presidential election 2016 to celebrate Kristen Johnson's Cameraperson, a compilation of her work shooting for prominent directors like Laura Poitras (Citizen Four) and Michael Moore (Trumpland), who were slated to join Johnson on a panel. Given the election results the night before, the event was nearly cancelled but the participants decided to proceed, modifying the agenda to include discussion of the proverbial elephant in the room. Readers of Moore's blog since July were well aware of this premier satirist's warnings, that disenfranchised white men would swing for Trump, and they did, shaking up even the most astute pollsters. Now, suffering election hangover, everyone wanted to know, what do we do next?

Michael Moore was running late. A huge crowd had gathered in Union Square a block away to protest the Trump victory. "Not our president," read signs, as police lined barricades. Moore is a hard man to hide, even when he's got his signature hat pulled down at the brim. And so they stopped him to make a speech at the rally. Before he showed up to speak on the panel, Poitras read Moore's advice: Take over the Democratic Party, a disappointment, fire the pollsters, remember that the media created Trump, and most of all, Hillary Clinton won the popular vote. "Our fellow Americans did not want Trump," said Moore. "White men running the show is over."

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