Michael Moore Donates $10K To The Theater Behind Controversial 'Julius Caesar'

The sponsorship is intended to support the right to free speech.

The Public, the theater behind the modern-day interpretation of Shakespeare’s “Julius Caesar” starring a Trump-like Caesar, has had a rough month.

A bizarre storm of controversy arose regarding the production after conservative media put the play on blast for allegedly advocating for the president’s assassination. (Never mind the fact that the play unequivocally condemns violence of all kinds.)

Still, outrage spiraled until it was out of control. Sponsors pulled out, protestors interrupted performances and those associated with the theater (and not) received a barrage of death threats

In response to the Caesar mess, artists have spoken out, both in defense of the production itself and the more general right of theater to stir controversy, critically address current events and incite debate without being silenced or threatened. 

Michael Moore, the documentary filmmaker behind films including “Bowling for Columbine” and “Farenheit 9/11,” offered his support as well, in the form of a $10,000 check. Moore tweeted a picture of the check on Tuesday evening, declaring that the donation is meant to support and sponsor The Public’s right to free speech. 

Moore has been consistently outspoken about opposing President Trump, whether drafting guidelines for resisting the current administration or blasting him on Twitter. However, the issue of free expression transcends any one political climate or leader. It’s not a Trump issue, it’s a democracy issue. 

Moore shared a photo of his generous donation and implored his followers to follow suit. 

If you wish to donate to The Public, follow the link