Watch Michael Moore Rip Up A Copy Of The Washington Post With Trump On The Front Page

“Mr. Trump, we are here to end the Trump carnage"

Filmmaker Michael Moore ripped up Saturday’s copy of The Washington Post with a front page featuring President Donald Trump’s inauguration.

“So I woke up this morning, picked up The Washington Post and the headline read ‘Trump takes power,’” Moore said during remarks at the Women’s March on Washington. “I don’t think so! Here’s the power. Here’s the majority of America right here. We are the majority.

He then continued to read from the Post: “New president vows to end American carnage.”

“Mr. Trump, we are here to end the Trump carnage,” he said.

Then, he ripped the paper in half.

Read more updates on the Women’s March on Washington, as well as other marches happening throughout the country, below:

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