Michael Musto Tells Calvin Klein: 'Go Back In The Closet'

Calvin Klein's 21st birthday bash for possible boyfriend Nick Gruber went off without a hitch on Friday night, Page Six reports, as guests like Anna Wintour, Donna Karan, Daphne Guinness, Vera Wang and Evan Lysacek got down at the "Studio 54-meets-New Year's Eve dinner party at Indochine, stocked with 4,500 balloons, 100 models and a cake with 21 sparklers on top."

One attendee told the gossip column, "It was so hot inside, we had to open the doors to the outside for air and have the waiters pass iced tequila shots." Sounds super classy. But one person who likely wasn't there? Outspoken Village Voice columnist Michael Musto.

On Friday, Musto published a short column entitled, "Calvin Klein, Go Back In The Closet!" accusing the former designer of embarrassing the entire gay community.

Musto wrote, "You were never really that much of a gay hero in the first place," adding, "Now you've hooked up with that almost-21-year-old ex-porn star, Nick Gruber, and you're fawning over him as if this were real love and not a massive late-life crisis being acted out for the horrified masses." Musto finishes off with, "Calvin, you went from deeply closeted to being more open about your shame-based antics, and I don't know what's worse."

Can't we all just get along? And can we please get two tickets to next year's party?

(Via Styleite)